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TURBOSPINER OKO chimney camera – for inspection while cleaning the chimney




Turbospiner CYKLOP camera – a compact and handy camera with a 20-meter cable. It can be directly attached to the Turbospiner lance using a cable, just behind the cleaning head. Thanks to this, we will get a real-time preview of the cleaned cable. We can also introduce a camera before or after cleaning to check the quality of the work done.

The camera is light and handy. It is powered by a Li-ion 12V 2Ah battery. This is a powerful battery used, for example, in modern screwdrivers. The battery lasts for a long time. Battery charger included.

A 4.5-inch monitor is enough to have a perfect view of what is happening in the duct being cleaned. Thanks to this, we can clean the cable much more thoroughly. We will immediately see uncleaned places.

Wide-angle camera – 140 degrees. Perfect for filming 14x14cm and larger cables, e.g. 25x25cm. Powerful built-in lighting can handle even larger cable cross-sections.

Everything is packed in a small suitcase measuring approximately 35x15x15cm.

We have a full stock of parts for this camera, and we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

The offer is addressed to chimney sweepers and private individuals who want to have complete control over the condition of their chimney and ventilation ducts.


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