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Turbospiner chimney hedgehog head




Replacement head for the Turbospiner chimney lance.

Chain head with spikes. Quick-change, screw-on head for removing the most difficult and toughest dirt, for removing vitreous soot from the chimney. For removing mortar residues in chimneys, for removing bird nests from chimneys. The head has a replaceable insert which, when worn out, can be replaced with a new one (without having to buy the entire head. The head is very durable, the spikes are welded very solidly – they withstand very difficult conditions, they wear out slowly.

Extremely hard and effective chain head with Virra spikes for mechanical cleaning of chimneys and ducts. It is possible to replace used cartridges.

The special design in the form of a transversely arranged chain means that the head does not damage the joints in the chimney.

Quick replacement – just screw it onto the Turbospiner pin and lock it with a nut. The best lance head available in the world for cleaning very dirty chimneys.

You can see how it works here:


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