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Head Cobra Turbosan


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Double chain cleaning head for removing old dirt, grease, medium-hard and hard dirt from pipes and drains.
Made of two stainless steel sleeves connected by two stainless chains.
The design makes this simple head easily overcome all corners.
It can squeeze through narrow openings and small openings in dirty sewer lines. The chains then rotate and widen the hole until the pipe is completely clean.
The head is mounted directly on the drive shaft with pressure screws.

Diameter of the hole in the head – depending on which Turbosan model it is for
intended for:
40: 6mm
80: 8mm
200: 10mm.

The largest external dimension is for Turbosan
40: 22mm
80: 26mm
200: 30mm.

Additional information

Model turbosan

Turbosan 40, Turbosan 80, Turbosan 200


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