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Modern ORIGINAL TURBOSPINER chimney lance for mechanical cleaning of chimneys with a rotating head with chains. Turbospiner is a tool for cleaning chimneys with a drill or screwdriver - chain. Turbospiner is suitable for cleaning all types of chimneys - after installing the appropriate nozzle. Easy and simple to maintain - just spray grease!

FORGET ABOUT TRADITIONAL CHIMNEY CLEANING! Cleaning with the Turbospiner is simple and much more effective than traditional chimney cleaning with a ball and rope brush.




Turbospiner cleans the toughest chimney deposits - removes glassy soot from the chimney! The rotating chains on the Turbospiner clean the chimney bare brick.

The available lengths of the Turbospiner are:

  • 3 meters
  • 5 meters
  • 6 meters
  • 8 meters
  • 10 meters
  • 12 meters
  • 15 meters

This kit includes:

  • Turbospiner lance + 3 cleaning heads;
  • Chain head - already mounted on the Turbospiner - for cleaning brick chimneys;
  • Head made of steel ropes - for cleaning stoneware chimneys and ceramic inserts;
  • Universal nylon head - for cleaning soot residues and for cleaning stainless steel chimneys or for cleaning acid-resistant inserts.


We manufacture flexible shafts and devices for cleaning chimneys and ventilation ducts.

Turbospiner is a Polish product. In the middle of the armor is a FULL, strong and professional rotating flexible shaft with high breaking strength (it is not a hollow spiral drive shaft).

Additionally, you can buy a screw-on "Żbik" chain head (8 chains) to the set. It is a reinforcing head, a basic set for cleaning brick chimneys. Thanks to such reinforcement - using an additional chain head - you can remove hard glassy soot from the chimney much faster.



Turbospiner for cleaning chimneys and ventilation is the most popular chimney cleaner. It is a tool that is powered by a drill, corded screwdriver or simply a cordless screwdriver. It is handy and easy to use - it can be operated by one person.

On one side of the Turbospiner chimney cleaner there is a cleaning head and on the other a holder for connecting a drill. Both sides are supported by strong and durable bearings. Thanks to this, the operation of the Turbospiner is smooth.

The Turbospiner lance itself is made of several layers. Its outer part is a hard and flexible protective armor that does not rotate. Inside the armor there is a strong, 10mm hardened, several turns (7 turns) - it is a FULL FLEXIBLE DRIVE SHAFT. The shaft rotates in the center of the shell. It is thanks to him that the drill rotates the cleaning head.

The full flexible drive shaft is used in professional, much more expensive cleaners. It is the most powerful drive - only in the Turbospiner.

The Turbospiner is one-piece and cannot be extended.

The chain put on the head is of universal length - after unscrewing it is about 25 cm, it fits any shape of the chimney. By inserting the appropriate cartridge in the head, the Turbospiner can be used to clean:

  • brick chimneys of any cross-section or length, steel chimneys,
  • steel chimneys,
  • stainless steel chimneys,
  • stoneware and others,
  • ventilation pipes.

The head has an M8 threaded pin with the head. You can quickly unscrew it and insert any chain of a different length - depending on the diameter of the chimney. You can also insert other cartridges included in the kit.

The Turbospiner set can mechanically remove any type of dirt in the chimney as well as hard glassy soot.

With the Turbospiner kit using the top and bottom method. The sections from the bottom should be cleaned with two people. Our equipment can also be safely used for under-milling chimneys - you can level the chimney a little with it. It will easily remove the protruding mortar that narrows the chimney flue.

Advantages of the Turbospiner kit for chimney cleaning:

  • chimney cleaning efficiency
  • easy one-man operation
  • universality - for every chimney
  • durability
  • favorable price-quality ratio
  • saving on chimney cleaning
  • guarantee of warranty and post-warranty service

We have different lengths of Turbospiner 3-15 meters. The price depends on the length.
On request, we are able to make a Turbospiner up to 40 meters long.

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